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  1. How many duplicated, dirty data pipelines are running throughout your organization? Probably more than you can count. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) streamlines the chaos of ungoverned data pipelines and reporting silos created by users who are eager to use data, whether they are simple data inquiries from business analysts to more complex data questions from data science teams.

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  2. Data visualization tools, desktop data discovery tools, and visual analytics are examples of traditional self-service BI tools that business analysts embrace because they provide a user-friendly way of quickly turning data into insights. These tools are geared toward business analysts that have the skills and knowledge to acquire the right data sets, perform the analysis, and present the insights needed to solve a business problem.

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  3. Have you used a digital product or service while shopping in the past year? The answer is almost certainly “yes” and each time you are online, your actions generate data – from research, online ordering or in-store pickup, coupons, mobile payments, voice commands and more. The question is, how do retailers make the best use of this data to stay ahead of the competition?

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  4. Cloud, digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, big data analytics, data monetization, and more are all critical business initiatives creating an even greater divide between centralized IT and decentralized analytic teams in the business. This is why it is all too common for an organization to utilize at least two different Business Intelligence (BI) tools to support these different analytic needs.

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  5. How do you deliver more insights out to more people? Operationalizing BI and analytics – that is, putting the power of data in the hands of everyone across the enterprise, not just analysts and data scientists – has always been the mantra for Birst co-founder Brad Peters.

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